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  Hot Air Balloon Spain offers Balloon Flights
all over Spain and Mallorca


Balloon Ride Spain -Bardenas Reales NavarraHot Air Balloon Spain is the number one for balloon flights in Spain.

Hot Air Balloon Spain offers the best Balloon flights on the entire spanish mainland and Mallorca.
Enjoy with us the dream of a hot air balloon flight with a view on the breathtaking Alhambra and the white peaks of the Sierra Nevada. Fly across the Pyrenees or visit the white villages of Andalusia. Discover the Costa Brava airborne with a balloon ride over the palm groves near Elche, Alicante or glide softly across the vineyards of Rioja and enjoy a traditional lunch, a visit of a bodega and a delicious wine tasting of one of the best wines in the world. Climb with us to the clouds above Mallorca and discover the beauty of this island from above.
Get fascinated by the fissured landscapes around the forgotten city Teruel or glide along the maurish Mosque in Cordoba.
Above you see a balloon ride in Bardenas Reales, on of two deserts in Spain. For something like that you have to travel to Arizona otherwise. Balloon Ride Spain

Are you planning your next holiday in Spain?

You´re lucky then, because Spain is probably the most diverse country in Europe to make a balloon ride. Nowhere else you get such a cultural and scenic variety. Spain offers no less then three coast, two deserts, the balearic islands, the plateau and a great number of mountain ranges. Snow-covered peaks and a simultaneous sea-view from the balloon – you just get that in Spain.

flying over a village in mallorca

Hot air balloon ride in Mallorca?

Why not discover the island with a balloon flight? Mallorca offers a lot more than just bars and beaches. Explore the inland from above. On days with a good sight you can spot the neighboor islands Menorca and Cabreras and be in raptures about the mountain range of Tramuntana. A low flight over the plateau gives you a magificant view on the flourishing almonds. You can admire the tablemountain Puig de Randa, which cuts the lowlands and can be seen from everywhere.


Are balloon flights in Spain safe?

Ballooning has a long tradition in Spain. You can expect the same security standards as in the UK or the US. All Pilots have years of experience and thousands of hours of airtime. All balloons and baskets get checked regularly.

Individual Service

Hot Air Balloon Rides Spain offers an individual service, completely in English. Wherever you spend your holidays, we´ll find the best place for a balloonflight for you. Just contact us and tell us where and when you´re going to spend your vacations and we´re going to make you an individual offer about the best balloon rides close to your destination. If you want to do something good for your beloved, give them a voucher from Balloonflights Spain as an unforgettable experience.

We leave it up to you where you want to fly. With Hot Air Balloon Rides Spain you can fly everywhere.

Your team from Hot Air Balloon Rides Spain

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