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Balloonrides in Valencia, Alicante and Murcia



Come and cross with us the Sierra de Mariola between Valencia and Alicante. Enjoy the views on the terraces and scattered rocks of the Sierra Aitana while the sun rises on the Mediterranean sea and turns everything into a dream of colours. You can just see that doing a balloon flight in Spain.

Or overfly a world heritage – the palm gardens of Elche with it 200.000 palm trees. Drift gently along this spectacular site while watching the sun rise on the Mediterranean sea.



Balloonflights in Valencia and surroundings

The region of Valencia is one of the most fertile areas of Spain. Up to four harvests a year are possible. All around Valencia you find Orange trees as far as the eye can reach. A freshly pressed orange juice should be part of any breakfast. Valencia is also the origin of the famous rice dish “Paella”. You should try the original here. At Valencias biggest celebration, the fallas in February, every family prepares their paella sitting on the street.


ballon flight at the sierra de mariolaA balloon ride in the Sierra de Mariola

Between Valencia and Alicante lies the mountain region Sierra de Mariola. Its situated close to the Mediterranean sea, but yet it´s highest peak reaches 1390m. This is maybe the most spectacular site for making a balloon trip around Valencia. You´ll find a hughe variety in both flora and fauna. In the winter the mountain even receives snow, despite of it´s proximity to the sea. On your balloon ride you´ll see mountains, gorges, medieval villages and the sunrise on the Mediterranean sea.




balloon ride at the desierto de las palmasHot Air Balloon Flight in the nature park Desierto de las Palmas

Despite the name you can´t find whether palm trees nor a desert here. The nature park lies 70km north of Valencia close to the city Castellón. The small mountainous area reaches 729m after all – and that this close to the beach. Nowhere else you get mountains and the sea that close together.  The view is just fantastic. On a good day you can see up to Castellón or the nature park Prat de Cabanes. Do we have to tell you more?





sierra de calderonaA Balloonride in Lliria and the Sierra de Calderona

Just a stone´s throw away from Valencia you find the village of Lliria. You can reach the village with the subway and therefore its a perfect start point if you don´t have a car at your hands. The village is the musical center of the region. From the 16.000 habitants, a couple of thousand play an instrument. That´s a record we guess. Our balloon flight starts between Lliria and Casinos. The takeoff is situated in the west of the impressive Sierra de Calderona with the highest peak above 1000m. Because the sun rises in the east, we can see the sunrise on the Mediteranean sea and the play of colours that turn the mountains golden.



balloon ride over the vine plantations of UtielBalloonflight deluxe in Utiel

The province of Valencia is also en excellent wine growing district. Here we offer a special service: The balloon takes of from within plantation and you can enjoy the gorgeous view of fields and fields of vine. Once you are in the air you can touch glasses with the bodegas finest champagne. After the hot air balloon ride you have a typical lunch at the bodegas restaurant and after that you can visit the bodega and participate in a wine tasting.





Balloonrides in Alicante

Alicante is a blooming seaport at the costa blanca. Right in the middle of Spain´s touristic center you get the flair of an international bigger city. In the harbor, huge cruisers dock frequently, being surrounded  by hundreds of little fisher boats. Offshore you find the little pirates island Tabarca with old fortifications and a grotto that can be that can be visited from the beach. A visit of the island should be part of any holiday in Alicante.



hot air balloon ride over the palm gardens of elcheA Balloon flight over the palm garden of Elche

The beautiful and close by city of Elche is famous for it´s palm gardens, which the UNESCO declared as a world heritage. We take off close by the city and overfly with the balloon the precious palm gardens with its 200.000 palm trees. As we keep drifting, we pass by the nature park El Hondo with its numerous lakes. From their the wind takes us to the Sierra de Callosa. That mountain doesn´t setup an altitude record, but marks a marvelous end to the balloon trip as you can see in the photo.




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