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Balloon Ride Andalusia



Andalusia is the perfect setting for some of the greatest balloon flights

Andalusia offers a rich and diverse landscape and culture. Starting with the busy Mediterranean coast, the Costa del Sol, with popular travel destinations like Marbella, Malaga or Estepona. The Atlantic coast is different though – due to generally high wind speeds, mass tourism has spared that area. A few villages interrupt the dozens of kilometers of beach. The emblem of Andalusia are the white villages, with their small lanes, full of corners and their moorish castles. At least two very scenic ones you can explorer with a balloon ride – Ronda and Arcos de la Frontera. Both villages are build on a steep cliff.
The Sierra Nevada is the highest mountain range on the spanish mainland and an excellent ski resort. The two mountain ranges Sierra de Grazalema and Sierra de Cazorla are beautiful spots for endless walk, bird watching, canyoning, rock climbing and a lot more. In Almeria you find Spain’s only desert. The grotesque scenery served for a lot of italo style western movies. All that and more you can watch doing a balloon flight.

Explore the white villages and their moorish castles. Enjoy the view on the Sierra Nevada from with a hot air balloon or sail down the extend delta of the Guadalquivir next to Sevilla. Visit the famous Alhambra like no one else or glide along the Mesquita in Cordoba with a balloon flight.



Balloon ride Andalusia - The Alhambra seen from a hot air balloonHot Air Balloon Ride Granada

Who visits Granada has to visit the Alhambra, Spain´s busiest and most famous touristic site. The Alhambra is definitely worth a visit from within, but some of it´s beauty is actually revealed from above and you can unlike most others enjoy the spectacular view on the Alhambra from within a hot air balloon with the majestic Sierra Nevada serving as a perfect background. Granada is a fascinating and vibrant place to visit. Right next to Spain´s highest mountain the Sierra Nevada, the city offers a rich cultural heritage. Granada stood 800 years under the reign of the Moors. Its most important heritage is without a question the world heritage Alhambra. Ostentatious palaces , mosques and gardens as far as the eye can reach. The Alhambra gets around 2000 visitors a day, but nobody can see it like you can – with a beautiful balloon flight.

As soon as you get enough from watching, and we doubt that you will, you can just turn around and enjoy the view on the snow capped Sierra Nevada on your hot air balloon ride. Unfortunately – in Granada we always need a permission from Granada´s airport to fly. So flights are weekends only, quite rare and more expensive. Our mostly flown location is Guadix.


Ballon flight GuadixHot Air Balloon Ride in Guadix

Guadix is a feast. Located between three national parks, you get the most stunning views here. The village is located on a high plateau near to the Snow peaks of the Sierra Nevada. Guadix is very famous for its cave houses. Around 4000 houses are build in the washed out rocky landscape around Guadix. Views are stunning and the place is worth the visit anyway. You can visit the cave houses, enjoy the hot springs in the area or visit the Castle of La Calahorra.



Balloon Flight RondaBalloonflight Ronda

Close to Marbella you find the scenic white village Ronda. It can be reached easily from the Costa del Sol and its usually the first stop on a visit of the white villages of Andalusia. Originally the village was created by the Romans as a fortress. and is build along a 150m high steep cliff. The old part of the town is separated by the newer one by a steep canyon. Both parts are connected by 3 historic bridges. The surrounding panorama isn´t less impressive. Just in the back of Ronda you can see the Sierra de las Nieves, a mountain range with it´s highest peak reaching more than 2000m. Its the homeland of the extremely rare Pinsapo pine tree. A look from the balloon to the west reveals the beautiful Sierra de Grazalema.
Our balloon ride leads us right above of the village. Some times we can even enter the gorge and climb rapidly just when we reach the main bridge – spectacular. Later we can see the still operational bull fight arena, some churches and neat  squares. In the end we climb high to watch the full panorama of this scenic area. A balloon ride in Ronda.



Balloonflight in Arcos de la fronteraHot Air Balloon Ride Arcos de la Frontera

Arcos de la Frontera looks a bit like Ronda. The village is also build along a massive cliff, which gives a lot of ply for our balloon rides. The white village marked for a long time the border between the spanish empire and the Moorish reign. That´s where it got its suffix from – de la frontera (at the border). Arcos is full of corners and supporting archs, beautiful to watch while wandering around or from above. The surrounding area is flat and makes it possible on a good day to see up to Seville and the Sierra de Grazalema. Even Gibraltar can be spotted.




A balloon high above Cordoba and the great mosqueBalloon Flight Cordoba

The lovely city Cordoba has a lot to give. Over 500 years in the hand of the Moors, Jews, Christians and Arabs lived here together in perfect harmony. At that time, Cordoba was one of the most important cities of the known world. The most important evidence of that time is the Mesquita (mosque). On 23.000m² you will find 856 columns and arch’s. The great mosque is one of the biggest religious sites in the world. Because Cordoba doesn´t have a major airport, we can cross the city entirely with our hot air balloon.






Balloonride SevilleBalloonride Seville

Seville or Sevilla is the capital of Andalusia (Andalucia) and a prominent travel destination. With it´s 700.000 inhabitants and lot´s and lot´s of tourist everyday, Seville is a vivid metropolis. Between Flamenco and monumental buildings, between the old part of town and the Jewish district, Sevilla has something for everybody.
Our Balloon Rides start in the west of Seville and lead us along the Corredor Verde de Guadiamar, a green corridor along the river Guadiamar. This river leads to the Guadalquivir, the huge river that passes Sevilla and finally leads at the nature park “parque doñana” into the Atlantic .




 Common for all balloon flights in Andalucia

All flights happen on the weekends. This is where the standard fare applies(except Granada). To fly from Monday to Friday you always have the possibility to book a private flight (750€). Fill out the form if you wish so and we inform you about your possibilities.


The history of Andalusia

In the beginning Andalusia was ruled by the Romans, which improved the infrastructure of Andalusia a lot. The inland port of Seville, Sevilla was created to deliver fruit and vegetables to Italy. The roman troops liked to pass their winter in this region due to the warmer weather. As in many countries in Europe, the Romans provided the first, more than regional streets. Evidence of that you´ll find all over Andalusia. From the year 711 on the Moors took over the rule and stayed for an impressive 700 years. This period still influences Andalusia a lot. If you listen to flamenco music, especially the vocals, you can here the moorish roots.
Architecture wise you find still a lot of reminiscence  of the reign of the Moors. Apart from the well known Alhambra in Granada and the great Mosque in Cordoba, you can find a moorish watch tower in almost every white village. Examples are the beautiful Zahara de la Sierra, Arcos de la Frontera, Olvera.


Explore Andalusia from above with a Hot Air Balloon ride in Andalusia








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