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Balloon Rides Asturias, Galicia and Cantabria


The provinces Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria together from the north atlantic coast of Spain. The landscape differs significantly from the rest of Spain. The actual coast offers at lot of bays, beaches and cliffs. Because it rains relatively often in this region, the countryside is green and abundant – meadows,woods and fields everywhere. The back country is first of all hilly, then mountainous.
The Picos de Europa are a full fetched mountain range with an unseen beauty. An ideal place for the more advanced balloon rides.




 Balloon Ride Asturias



Picos de Europa - Naranjo de BulnesBalloon Flight in the Picos de Europa

The nature park which surrounds the mountain range “Picos de Europa” , was declared 2003 as a biosphere reserve. Here you can still find endangered species the brown bear or the mountain cock.
The Picos de Europa are a fold mountain range with believe it or not 200 peaks above 2000m. That is amazing for this relatively small mountain range and it´s situation a mere 20km from the coast.
The highest peaks are the Torre de Cerredo and the famous Naranjo de Bulnes (2519m).
Balloon Rides in the Picos de Europa are NO standard balloon flights. They last 2-3 hours and you can reach heights up to 4000-5000m. These are our most exclusive Balloon Rides. Conditions are somewhat demanding and so is the planning. Expect an elevated price too.



Landscape of AsturiasHot Air Balloon Rides in Asturias

Asturias is the greenest part of Spain and the origin of most of it´s milk. Here you can explore a very different, a lot less arid then usually Spain. Abundant meadows and pasture, small and shallow bays with idyllic beaches, oak and beechwood as far as the eye can reach. And always you got a huge nature park full of beautiful mountain in your back. Hiking fans will adore the region, because there are plenty of hikes and most of them are really stunning.
One of the specialties of Asturias is a bean soup of thick beans with smoked bacon and sausage named “Fabada”. Every visitor should have tried it, it´s delicious. If you should be still hungry after your Fabada , you could try the blue mold cheese “Cabrales”. Be warned – you definitely should like strong cheese. But the most popular thing in Asturias is cider. What in other parts of the world is one of many drink alternatives, in Asturias it´s a ritual.

The cider gets poured out of the bottle at shoulder height into a glass, held with the other hand at the height of the hip or below. Whatever actually finds it´s way into the glass creates a bit of froth and you should drink the sip immediately. Then the glass is given to the next person…Because the cider has merely 4% of Alcohol, that game can last quite a while…

Our balloon ride starts in Pola de Siero and ends in Villavisiosa (vicious village). See route here. Enjoy the beauty of the asturian hills and the view on the close by Picos de Europa and the Atlantic with your balloon ride Asturias.








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