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Hot Air Balloon Ride Barcelona, Catalonia


Catalonia is one of the most diverse regions for making a balloon flight in Spain

Ballon Ride close to BarcelonaCatalonia, the province around Barcelona, impresses with it´s varied landscapes. Endless beaches adorn the Mediterranean coast from Girona up to the Ebro Delta, southerly of Tarragona. Hidden coves and steep cliffs wants to be explored as does the plateau of Catalonia that gets interrupted by numerous massifs. Very close to Barcelona lies the holy mountain – Montserrat, the emblem of Catalonia. An excellent place for a balloon ride.

The pre Pyrenees serve as an excellent scenery for our balloon flights in Catalonia and the Pyrenees themself provide a pure mountain experience. Snow peaks, wide valleys and idyllic mountain villages are what to expect among lots of other things.
The beautiful city Vic with it´s neo-classical cathedral and its lively old part of the town can be flown over completely. In Catalonia and the surroundings of Barcelona everything is possible. A holiday in this area is well spend. By the way – Barcelona is the origin of hot air ballooning in Spain.


Balloonride Montserrat - BarcelonaBalloon flight Barcelona – A balloon flight at the holy mountain Montserrat

Catalonia´s emblem and sanctuary is the Montserrat. Everybody who has seen it confirms, that this mountain is indeed very special. The rugged mountain rises from the hilly landscape around Barcelona. Its fingerlike rockformations impress deeply and its silhouette looks like sharp saw. Allegedly no compass is working on top of it, the needle goes crazy. Therefore its also a place for worshiping at the summer and winter solstice.

While other people visit the Montserrat by car or cable car, you takeoff elegantly in Manresa, Bages, Anoia or Igualada and get to see what no other tourist gets to see. The real splendour of this mountain from bird´s eye view. And all that is just a stone´s throw away from Barcelona.


Balloon Flight over Vic
Balloonride in Vic

The small city Vic lies 70km north of Barcelona. It is surrounded by the mountains of the nature park Montseny, which the UNESCO declared 1978 as a biosphere reserve and the impressive reservoir Pantano de Sau. Our balloon ride in Vic starts right next to the city and we´re going to cross it enirely. From above you can observe the lively market place (picture) , the neo-classical cathedral  and the roman temple, as its surroundings.



Balloon flight Costa BravaA balloontrip at the Costa Brava

We take off close to the little village Colomers, about 25km away from Girona or 120km from Barcelona. This takeoff is ideal, as we can see the massif Montgri with its beautiful castle right after a few meters of climb.This massif sits right next to the coast and houses between it´s rocks a magnificent drifting dune, which has been fixed in the 19. century  through forestation. The massif continues into the sea in the 7 Medas islands. At the same time you will get a panoramic view of the golf of rosas, a coastal line between L´Escala and Roses. Here we can enjoy the sunrise above the mediteranean sea and spot the stunning Cap de Creus from within the hot air balloon, where the Pyrenees literally fall into the sea. Our balloon flight then continues in-lands and we overfly numerous villages build from natural stone.


 Balloon Ride Montseny Balloon Rides at the Montseny

Our balloon trip starts close to the village Cardedeu, just 40km from Barcelona. On the way to it you pass by the formula 1 circuit Montmelo. Again Catalonia shows off here. In the south we can see the sunrise above the mediteranean sea and in the north we are getting close to the nature park Montseny, with it´s highest peak reaches an impressive 1708m. The UNESCO declared the nature park a biosphere reservoir as it contains the most southerly fir-wood pine forest of Europe. And all that just a stone´s throw away from Barcelona – Balloon Ride Barcelona at its best.


 Balloon rides in the Pyrenees and Pre Pyrenees


A mere 2 hours away from Barcelona your find yourself in the middle of one of the most impressive mountain ranges of Europe. 430km of length and 3700m high to name a few numbers, but its it´s beauty that excels. Glide gently with the air balloon through extend valleys, ride along rugged rock faces, visit the typical catalonian mountain villages with the balloon and enjoy the fantastic panorama of the surrounding snow peaks.


Balloonride Pre-Pyrenees - Camarasa  Balloon flight in Camarasa – Pre Pyrenees

The balloon ride starts in the small village Sant Llorens de Montgai (in the picture). Right after the start we start drifting gently above the lake´s surface and along 300m high, vertical  rock faces. If the conditions are good, we can reach some impressive eights here. Up to 3000m can be reached. The view on the mountain from this height and perspective it absolutely stunning. On our trip we pass by the surrounding authentic mountain villages Camarasa, Les Avellanes and Cubels. We get a perfect overview over the landscape which is full of reservoirs, mountains, rivers, rock faces and tiny little villages.


Crossing the Pyrenees with a hot air balloon

Balloon rides in Seu d´Urgell – Pyrenees

We are taking off near to the tiny village La Seu d´Urgell a few kilometers south of Andorra. From there the westwind takes us into a huge valley. On the right side we can see the Sierra de Cadí with it´s 40km of length and a couple of peaks above 2400m and it´s charming double peak Pedraforca. This long mountain range marks the border between the Pyrenees and the Pre-Pyrenees. On our left we got the Pyrenees in all their beauty with peaks up to 2700m. Our maximum altitude on this balloon flight will be 2000m, because we want to stay in the wind system of the valley. At our feet we got the biggest nature park of Catalonia. The national park Cadí-Moixeró, which is also a bird sanctuary.


The Great Big Adventure – Cross the Pyrenees with a Hot Air Balloon


If you even want more than all that you can have it! A Crossing of the Pyrenees. You will take of e.g. in La Seu d´Urgell or in Cerdenya and climb until 4000m to catch higher win speed that gets us on our way. You will cross the most exclusive valleys, pass the highest peaks and glaciers and enjoy a view that nobody else is able to get. You can see up to France on a good day. This is definitely the most spectacular Balloon Ride in Spain you can make. The hole trip lasts 2-3 hours airtime!!! After the landing you´ll have lunch together with the pilot, wherever Balloon Rides are just possible form November till march.
We also offer a “Crossing the Pyrenees light”, Fly up to 2 hours, but be more gentle on your savings.

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