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Balloon Ride Basque Country, Aragon, Navarra and La Rioja


Balloon Ride La Rioja

One of the biggest rivers of Spain, the river Ebro, rises in the mountains of Cantabria. From there it inspires the landscape of the basque country, La Rioja and Aragon with a diverse flora and fauna. The region is Spain´s most famous wine-growing district and hence, strongly characterized by it. Where other people run their feet sore on the Way of St. James (camino de Santiago), you can glide gently and comfortably along this multifarious landscapes.

Balloon Ride with us over the Sierra de Alcubierre or the salt lakes of Sariñea. If you are interested in culture, you may want to pay a visit to gothic cathedrals from the 13. century or fly along the castle of Loarre.


Balloon Flights in Navarra

The province Navarra is located in the north of Spain and is a region full of unique sights.

The capital Pamplona is characterized by the architecture of the town hall, a baroque building from the 19th century and the gothic cathedral Santa Maria.  Every year during the celebration “San Fermín” , Pamplona receives tens of thousands of tourist.  All locals dress in white and red and a lot of bulls are set free on the streets, ready to chase the brave or semi-bright.

In the north of Navarra you find the Pyrenees. Where the atlantic climate hits the high mountain, the second biggest pine wood of Europe after the black forest in Germany can be found. The Selva de Irati invites for endless walks around the reservoir Irabia.

Navarra is also the start point for thousands of pilgrims, that start in Roncesvalley and enter Spain in the Pyrenees of Navarra on the Way to St. James in Santiago de Compostela.

A little further south you find “Puente de Reina”. Here the two ways of St. James from Roncesvalles and Saguesa meet up. The area literally covered with churches, monasteries, castles and palaces, which gives a peak into the strategic importance of that area in the middle age.
The castle Castillo de Javier, the church San Miguel and the church San Pedro de la Rua really stand out.

The south of Navarra is the home of the river Ebro which winds it´s way through the country side and provides enough water for a very fertile and rich area, with lots of vegetable gardens and plantations. A sharp contrast to that landscape is the desert around Las Bardenas. If you have a look at the first picture in our gallery, you will probably agree, that this area is really special for a hot air balloon ride in Spain.

Apart from balloon flights, Navarra offers a lot for everybody. Rock Climbing, Hiking, Canyoning, Rafting, Paragliding to name just a few of the possibilities.


Hot Air Balloon Rides Aragon

The province Aragon is situated in the north-east of Spain and is one of the most diverse areas of Europe.

Unusual landscape from the snow covered peaks of the Pyrenees, deeply cut valleys, shaped in millions of yours from the rivers around Teruel, Glaciers, endless Autumn woods, deep canyons, rivers and lakes shape the image of Aragon. In contrast to that , there is the valley of the river Ebro with it´s arid steppe.


Barbastro and the Sierra de Guara are situated in the middle of Aragon, at the feet of the Pyrenees. The Sierra de Guara is a well known area for canyoning. In the culture park Rio Vero you can visit ancient cave paintings from the first settlers in the area. The region is also known for it´s good red vines, summed up under the name”Somanto”.

Enjoy the beauty of this little visited area with a hot air balloon ride.






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