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Balloonride in Extremadura and Castile La Mancha





Country side of ExtremaduraBalloon flights in Extremadura

Extremadura is a region in the southwest of Spain with a very low density of population. There are just 2 bigger cities in this province – Badajoz and Caceres. Nevertheless, Extremadura covers 8 % of the spanish ground. That means that the province is actually bigger than Holland, Belgium or Denmark. The north of Extremadura is very mountainous. The highest peak in the northerly Sierra de Gredos reaches 2.450m. A little more south you find the beautiful valley Jerte (valle de jerte ), which is completely covered with cherry trees. In spring the cherries are getting harvested. The whole valley is white at that time – something you have to see with a balloon ride Extremadura.
A bit further south two mayor rivers cross the province Extremadura – the Tajo and the Guadiana. The bigger one, the Tajo finally leads into the atlantic at Lisbon.



Hot Air Balloon Rides in Castile La Mancha

Castile is the setting of Miguel de Cervantes classic novel “Don Quijote”. It´s the third biggest region of Spain, which is characterized by the plateau of Spain, the meseta. The highest mountain range of the region are the montes of Toledo with it´s 1.601m. This mountain range covers the area between the two rivers Guadiana and Tajo.


Balloon ride in Cuenca

Cuenca is a picturesque city in the autonomous region Castile La Mancha. Trapped between the canyons of the rivers Júcar and Huécar, Cuenca has been build on a plateau of rocks. The city is famous for its hanging houses and has a beautiful old part of the city. A nice scenery for a balloon flight.


Balloon Flight ToledoHot Air Balloon in Toledo


The historic Toledo 65km south of Madrid is a very special setting for a balloon ride in Spain.
Numerous historic buildings as the cathedral Santa Maria, the roman fortress Alcazar and a lot of churches, Monasteries and museums can be explored from with in the hot air balloon. You will glide at a low altitude straight above the city and won´t miss a detail. A great place for a balloonride, with lot´s of insights no one else will get.



Balloon Rides in the Alto TajoBalloon Rides in the Alto Tajo

The Alto Tajo is a nature park between Cuenca and Teruel and for us one of the most beautiful and spectacular regions of Spain.
Flat top mountains, deep valleys, canyons and meanders cut through the landscape. You can find a lot of rivers, waterfalls and grotesque rock formations. The area is already quite impressive seen by food or bicycle , but the whole beauty of it can just be evaluated with a balloon ride.

Our quit tip for a Balloon Ride Spain!




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