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Balloon Ride Madrid – Castile Leon


The most beautiful balloon flights around Madrid and Castile Leon. Read everything about your balloon ride in Segovia.


Overfly with us the historic city Segovia with it´s numerous churches and sights. Make your visit of Madrid something really special with a hot air balloon ride close to Madrid in the Sierra de Guadarrama. In the north of the province Castile Leon we offer a couple of balloon rides around the city Burgos.


Balloon Ride Madrid - Sierra de GuadarramaBalloon Rides around Madrid

Although lots we could make a balloon flight in a lot of places around Madrid, one place really stands out and thats why we do our balloon rides here – The Sierra Guadarrama.
This mountain range lies north of Madrid. Basically it cuts Spain in the middle. With its highest peak being close to Madrid, the mountain Peñalara with it´s 2.430m. The mountain range lies in the nature park of the same name, with it´s pine and oak forests, wild boars, fallow deer, badgers and mountain cats.
Our balloon ride starts in Villanueva de la Cañada, just 25 minutes north of Madrid. On your hot air balloon ride you will see the nature park Guadarrama with it´s mountains and wildlife. On days with a good sight you can even see up to Madrid.


Balloon ride ove SegoviaA balloon flight in Segovia

Not a lot further away from the Sierra de Guadarrama , but on its north side, lies the historic city Segovia. Segovia is the true highlight of the region. The ancient royal capital enchants with it´s historical old part of the town. Over 20 Romanesque style churches are visible from high above and the gothic cathedral from the 16th century really sticks out. But that´s not all yet. The fairy like palace fortress Alcázar, build over the two rivers Eresma and Clamores invites you to free the sleeping beauty.





Balloon ride over the monastery of SegoviaAnd last but not least there is a roman aqueduct with a length of 728m. With it´s 118 arch´s the aqueduct, build in the first and second century, provided water from the river Rio Frio of about 1800 years. That is all very impressive and Segovia clearly is worth a visit, but the true beauty of Segovia can just be explored with a hot air balloon ride.
Our balloon flight takes off close to the city and once we´re in the air the wind will gently let us glide above the city. We´re going to stay close, so you can spot all the details. Have a look on all the towers and roofs – peek into the patios and backyards. Let´s glide along the aqueduct and overfly the cathedral.  And all that in the beautiful light of the morning sunrise. An amazing experience.




balloon ride over the palace of AranjuezBalloonflight Aranjuez

Just 47km south of Madrid you find the small city Aranjuez. Just like Segovia, Aranjuez belongs to the UNESCO´s world heritage. The city lies in a wooded valley and used to be the summer residence of the royal family. The palace was build in 1727 and shines with it´s huge park , meadows and forest. With our balloon ride you will see the pretty small city from the air and we´re going to overfly the palace and it´s park.






balloon ride over the cathedral of BurgosHot Air Balloon Ride Burgos

The city Burgos lies in the north of the autonomous region of Castile Leon. It was build in the year 850 to fight the Moors. Later it became the coronation town for the castile kings. Burgos is also the hometown of the spanish national hero “El Cid” form the 11th century. Although he got finaly banned, he made it to be the  sovereign of Valencia.
The biggest attraction of Burgos is the magnificent, gothic cathedral. Both the size as the architecture are impressive and it was declared in 1984 as a world heritage.  A balloon ride is a totally different way to visit the cathedral and for sure one of the most stunning.
Other highlights are the old city gate and the monastery Las Huelgas.
Our balloon ride starts next to the city and takes us across the city, close to it´s roofs and will take us along the cathedral.


Las merindades - country side in the north of BurgosBalloon Rides north of Burgos


Who is spending his vacation in Burgos has even more alternatives for making a balloon flight.Instead of a crossing of the town we also offer some balloon rides on the country side in the north of the province.
The two county´s Las Merindades and La Bureba lie between the mountain range of cantabria and the valley of the river Ebro. Here you will find pure nature. High mountains, waterfalls and endless beechwoods want to be explored with a balloon ride.
Our hot air balloon rides start at the beautiful village Frias (in the picture). The historic village can be found right next to the river Ebro in the valley of Tobalina. From there the wind will take us along the valley or above the mountains in the north or south. A feast treat for the eyes.

Balloon ride in the north of Burgos










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