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Hot Air Balloon Voucher


What is a voucher for?

A balloon flight voucher is usually used if you want to make a gift to your beloved. If you already know the exact date when you want to do your balloon ride or vacations, then you won´t need a voucher. A normal booking is all you need. Nevertheless, the voucher is cheap (we only charge an extra 20€ for all passengers at once) and is valid for 2 years. A balloon flight voucher is an ideal and timeless gift for everybody, from your colleges to your family or partner. Instead of giving gadgets as presents, which loose their meaning quickly over time, a hot air balloon voucher is a present for a lifetime. Many of us already had the dream of making a balloon ride once in their life at least. Fulfilling dreams, for us, seem´s to be one of the most beautiful things in the world. The memories of a balloon flight stay forever.


How can i get a Hot Air Balloon Voucher?


Nothing is easier then that. Below you select the number of passengers and click on “buy now”. The rest is handled by Paypal, so you can be sure you get the safest online paying method on earth. You can also pay via credit card or bank transfer with the same button. Please use the form to drop us a notice of your purchase and where you want to make your balloonride.


Number of Passengers

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