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  •   Hi Unkas, It’s already a month since we back from our tour, and just pictures to remind us of the wonderful time that we had. We just want to thank you again for splendid service, view, treatment, breakfast, time over Barcelona, the WHOLE PACKAGE!!! We had a wonderful day/experience with the hot air balloon.  Petro (one of the ladies in the group) are afraid of heights.  Your calm way, being in control of the balloon all the time and smooth flying with the balloon made her feel comfortable and she enjoyed it thoroughly. Also the way in which you quickly, after we landed, pack all the equipment and took us for a wonderful late morning breakfast, was the cherry on the cake. Thank you again for the wine chandler.  We tried it out here, with a lot of fun and laughter! I include a few pic’s!!   C+E Syfert
  • Dear Unkas,   First of all I would like to say thank you for organising our flight today, which, in itself was quite an achievement catering for our needs to be in the right place at the right time. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were impressed with the professionalism of your crew. The flight lasting an hour was really interesting with it being in our local area and the pilot showing off his skills brilliantly, especially when it came to a spot landing in the corner of a field of freshly planted lettuces, without damaging one! The rounding off of the flight with a glass of Champagne was a nice touch, together with a certificate. I would certainly recommend your company to anyone looking for a balloon flight and hope that we will be booking another flight in the future when have thought of a suitable excuse! Thanks again,   Bob. Harrow and friends P.S. can't wait to see your photos!
  •   Thanks for the balloon ride. We enjoyed it very much. The pilot and crew did a great job. Best wishes and continue your great device, Cheers Peter
  •   Hi Unkas, Thank you for organizing our balloon ride, we had a great time! Thanks again, Brad
  •   Hello balloon team, we had the most marvelous experience doing a balloon ride with our hole family. The view was fantastic and the trip smooth and safe. I´d also like you to thank to be so patient with us and that you have been taking care of all our requests. The organization couldn´t have been better. Thanks a lot, Melanie
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