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A balloon ride – How it works


passengers can help to prepare the balloonA typical balloon ride last 1 hour. The balloon ride starts early in the morning to avoid turbulence and strong winds. The experience of a balloon flight happens only in purely calm conditions. Although that means you have to get up early once in your well earned vacations, you´ll get rewarded by an amazing play of colours that one can only observe from within a hot air balloon.

At the meeting point you´re going to be picked up by the pilot and the team and then drive to the takeoff. Our team is well informed about the meteorological conditions. The find out the exact momentary wind direction the pilot launches a small helium balloon, which on it´s way up to the sky indicates perfectly the current conditions. As there are different wind directions in different altitudes, the pilot can use those currents to actually steer the balloon.
If nothing unexpected occurs, the balloon is getting set up and we´re ready to start.
setting up an hot air balloon can be great funJump into the basket, a gentle pull on the burner and we´re getting airborne, smoothly starting to drift through the morning sky. Because the hot air balloon drift with the wind, it has the exactly same speed as the wind. Therefore in the balloon it is completely calm. Because of that it is not cold at all and the heat of the burner ads up for a cozy feeling. Still, bring an adequate jacket for the season.



you can help to fill up the balloon with airThe balloon rides takes place at 30m-1000m altitude.

Therefore you are able to see the landscape from very close and from high above. If you pass a special site, like a castle or a cathedral, the pilot will usually try to pass it as close as possible, so you won´t miss any detail.
After a beautiful balloon trip through the skies of Spain, the pilot approaches the landing field. That is usually a untilled field along the road, so the following vehicle can pick us up easily. Because the balloon can be adjusted perfectly in height, perfectly smooth and precise landings are possible. Shortly after landing or even before the following vehicle shows up, the balloon gets dismantled and you get driven back  to the takeoff. You are getting a certificate for your balloon flight. Many times a breakfast or lunch is included in the hot air balloon ride. Because were working with all balloonists in Spain, habits vary a little.


warming up the air in the balloon Balloon flights are weather dependent

The more flexible you are in terms of dates, the better are your chances of realizing a marvelous balloon flight. First, please provide us with a specific date you´d like to fly and the period of time you´re going to stay in Spain. Balloon rides in Spain happen mostly on the weekends, with Mallorca being an exception where we fly almost daily.
The day before your balloon ride we confirm that the weather forecast is appropriate. If it isn´t we´re getting in touch with you.
If the weather conditions would make it impossible for you to fly within your time frame, you´ll get an immediate refund at ALL your money.


What do i have to take into account?

Your clothes should be appropriate for the season and the morning conditions. Please wear some decent shoes. No high heels or flip flops please.

Children under 4 years and pregnant woman can not be boarded. Sorry

We wish you a pleasant hot air balloon ride!

after the balloon flight we have some champagne and a meal



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